EvoToolkit - v2.3.0 (Changelog)


The cover object pattern makes an element fill up all available space until the first parent element with position:relative is hit.

Note: Some examples feature light grey backgrounds so it's easier to see what's going on. In the toolkit itself, these are transparent.



Luke Harrison


<div class='o-cover'>Cover</div>


A list of modifiers for the cover component, allowing you to change its appearance to fit a variety of roles and scenarios.

Modifiers can typically be combined to achieve the desired appearance, unless stated otherwise.

Makes the cover hug right, rather than the default left. You would use this typically when applying width utility classes to the element, as per the example.

This is disabled by default. Enable block variable $object-cover-alignment-modifiers or add to class filter in your page SASS manifest to enable locally (For that page), or overrides.scss to enable globally. (More info)

<div class='o-cover o-cover--right u-width-6/12'>Cover</div>